Nuno Guedes Campos QUARTET

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This initiative is a result of many years of experience as a composer, musician and also a teacher. Carrying out this project represents not only a moment of joy but also personal fulfillment due to the ability of conveying, at least partly, the creative musical ideas that I have visualized and designed for a long time. And of course, all the inner satisfaction of accomplishing my first phonographic work based on my original compositions and performance as a guitarist.

This project consists of 10 themes that form a bridge between two musical worlds that coexist harmoniously. On one hand, the classical and contemporary influence in its structured and formal sense and on the other hand the jazzistic approach within its essence and spontaneous creative process.


guitars & compositions: Nuno Guedes Campos

Trumpet/fluglehorn: Moisés Fernandes

double bass: Zeca Neves

drums: Bruno Pedroso

special guest (guitar): Pierre Perchaud

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